How to Effectively Cure Genital Warts With Apple Cider Vinegar and Never Suffer Embarrassment

Apple cider vinegar has long been utilized as an effective home remedy for all diseases and it appears that its “magic” curative properties expand to genital warts too. It isn’t clearly known what response happens and the way to heal genital warts using apple cider vinegar as a result of simple fact that the majority of physicians aren’t convinced the technique works. But, countless men and women that have seen great success with it are testament to just how fast one can become wart free apple cider vinegar treatment for warts.


Cure Genital Warts using Apple Cider Vinegar: A Step-by-step Approach

To begin with, you’ll require a few cotton balls or pads that you’ll need to soak in apple cider vinegar. Employing ring assists or plastic wrap, you’ll need to put the soaked cotton balls onto the affected region and fasten them in place. But, be warned that you will sense a severe burning feeling for at least fifteen minutes.

Whatever the situation, you want to take out the cotton balls after no longer than the hour or you might wind up burning off the surrounding skin and not able to endure treatment. When you eliminate the cotton, then you should wash off any residual apple cider vinegar and then employ a few tea tree oil for pain relief and a few Neosporin for faster recovery. While the latter aren’t mandatory, the tea tree oil may considerably enhance the efficacy of the therapy.

It’s relatively straightforward to heal genital warts this way but it isn’t straightforward. The pain alone has discouraged many from continuing with their therapy and they’ve continued to have problems with genital warts. The trick to cure genital warts using apple cider vinegar isn’t to quit until the very last wart has dropped off, even though it

seem that nothing is occurring originally.