The 5 Worst Business Handshakes – Business Etiquette

Listed below are handshakes to Prevent as They’re Regarded as the Very Bothersome and disliked:


You know… that limp, “cluttered dishcloth” kind of handshake.

What’s says: that the individual is weak in nature, cold in nature, insincere, absence of devotion.

It may be a result of cultural reasons – from African and Asian cultures it shows respect. A firm handshake can be regarded as offensive.

At all times consider the individual and situation into consideration when shaking hands e.g. a young African woman shaking hands using an elderly traditional African male customer – a limp handshake would be suitable. The exact same young girl shaking hands with an elderly white man supervisor – a firm handshake would be suitable goal crusher.



Normally a female cheer -in which only the palms are awarded as a handshake. Ladies get it out of obsolete societal expectations, even when they had been expected to shake hands gently.

I’d rather do something else-somewhere else. Additionally conveys uncertainty, weakness, and pretension.

3. The Bone-Crusher

A customer once gave me that the bone crusher and broke each nail in my hands!

What’s states: that the man or woman is attempting to take more than control the circumstance.

Things to do: When it is a colleague and you understand them well make them conscious of it… say “Ouch. . That hurt me,your grasp is much too powerful.”


Engaging one hand together with another individual’s hand, then putting another hand at the top, making a soothing enclosure.

In addition, it can be regarded as the “Politician’s” handshake someone to not be reliable. If you don’t understand the other person knows the significance of this handshake avert it in company. Acceptable from the African American culture.


This makes the other person uneasy as they do not understand when to let go.

Things to do: Measure into the individual’s personal space area and reduce your hands – its nearly compels an automated discharge.

Men to girls handshakes

Men do not be scared to provide a girl a business handshake – provided that its not a bone crushing one. Ladies, shake a man’s hand with power, no plants that are dead!

Aim the net of your hand directly into the internet (between your thumb and forefinger) of another person’s hand.

Get the 2 webs contacting one another.

Wrap your hands against the back of another person’s hand. 2 to 3 pumps.

This handshake guarantees:

You get a great grip, sending messages of strength and confidence.
You express heat using a “wrap-around” feel.