The power tools on this list are powerful, in demand and invaluable in every home and mechanic’s workshop. These are the power tools that no wood, metal or plastic worker can simply do without.
It is not just their usage that makes them inexpendable, their power is in the many features they are packed with to make them multifunctional and to give the user value for money spent. We will explore these tools further below:

A sander is used to smooth over wooden surfaces with its abrasive sandpaper surface. They can be handheld or bench mounted for convenience, and the type of sander chosen depends on the amount of work to be done.
There are several types of wood sanders, the most common of which are the disc sander that requires an air compressor and the belt sander.
Due to the long periods that sanding requires, the vibrations of the power tool could cause damage to the nerve endings of the hand. Therefore, a unit with an ergonomic handle and vibration control should be desired.
There is a pad with hooks for accepting sandpaper attachments
To collect the dist generated during operation of the device, the unit should have a dust canister.


This type of saw is also called a reciprocating saw. What makes it different from other saws is that it does the heavy-duty work that other saws may not be able to accomplish. It can cut through material of all types and dismantle an undesirable piece of furniture or metalwork in a fraction of the time it would take to remove nails or melt down metal.
There are two types of sabre saws: the heavy-duty type and the light-duty type, which is smaller. The type of saw you choose will depend on the bulk of the work intended for it.
Power-source: there are both corded electric sabre saws that are portable and light, and cordless saws, but the electric saws are more powerful.
The switch is usually a trigger switch that is depressed during operation. Some tools have a lock-on button that can be pressed to keep the saw on the setting it is being operated at, which gives the operator better freedom with his hands.
The motor of the saw determines the rate and power at which it will work, and has a varied range that can be chosen by the buyer.
The type and size of blade chosen is what will; determine the cutting efficacy of the sabre saw.
The safety features like the handle and the operating shoe and the blade clamps should be rigorously checked before purchase.


Punching holes and installing screw for your projects is now easier to do with the use of the best cordless drill. It is best used by those who love to get work done easily such as drilling holes in wooden materials, concretes and wall to hang things. The list of the king tools isn’t complete without the best cordless drill.
There are four functionalities of the best cordless drill: screwdriver, basic drill, impact driver and hammer drill. The best cordless drill should be able to perform two or more of these functions.
A basic cordless drill should have a trigger that controls the rotation, fastening, and drilling speed and depth while working. It is usually controlled by the worker’s finger.
The speed switch makes the speed adjustable for different materials and purposes.
A good handle/ grip will make handling the best cordless drill comfortable and prevent it from slipping during usage.
The best cordless drill should have a battery that can carry it for as long as possible, and be rechargeable for maximal use.


When the winter months set in, any home that does not have a snow blower will be left stranded when the weather acts up. Instead of shoveling snow with a shovel, creating stress and pain, a snow blower does the work in a fraction of the time, and does it neater.
There are four types of snow blowers depending on the magnitude of snow they can handle in ascending order: the electric, single-stage, two-stage and three-stage types. You should choose the type of snow blower that will work best for the magnitude of snow and terrain of your location.
Adjustable speeds make it possible to clear snow of different types, and give the user better control of the unit.
The clearing width of the unit is proportional to the area it can clear at one go. Before getting a snow blower with a wide clearing width, the size of the driveway should be considered too.
The unit should be flexible enough for the user to change the direction at which the snow is being thrown and the height it is being thrown at.
Safety features light headlights for working at night and dead man controls so that the unit stops working when the handlebars are released may seem like small additions, but they are imperative.
No DIY project is complete without good tools to give the work a smooth finish. This is why, when choosing power tools for woodwork DIY projects, your list is not complete without any of the tools listed above.