It is Not Easy Being a Taxi Driver in Johor Bahru

Often, the straight path to take when you are out of work is to rent out a taxicab and also be a taxi driver. Nevertheless, if you agree to strive, you could be able to take home a good earning everyday. Certainly, this assumes you want to put in 12 hrs moves regularly, consisting of on weekends.


In Malaysia (and specifically in Johor Bahru), things obtain a little challenging. And also we list down why precisely it is challenging being a cab driver in Malaysia.

To start with, if you adhere to utilizing the meter, your guests will certainly smile or roll their eyes in disbelief. The RM$ 2 beginning fare, established 13 years back, is not also enough to purchase you a plate of chicken rice. The step-by-step fare of 10sen/200m is equally as incredulous. Inexpensive economical!

And if you do the natural point, which is to shut off the meter and bill a level charge, you risk a fine if captured. On an especially irritating day, you have a Singaporean traveler that will blurt out in their regular clear and also noticable English: “Uncle, how can you not activate the meter? Do not cheat us! You have to use the meter!!”.

Fares apart, there are similarly annoying issues that makes points yet more difficult for a cabby in Johor Bahru.

There are couple of assigned taxi stands in Johor Bahru. You make a stop to grab a passenger by the road side. All of a sudden, a person faucets on your window – The Man-in-White. Website traffic Cops that either enforces the law or makes a wink at you. In either case, you can be assured that your whole day’s taking will certainly be gone.

On a clear day (when there is no Man-in-White), plain-clothes police officers from the Johor Bahru Transport Council can additionally board your taxicab and do a spot check on you. If you do not wear a white sleeve tee shirt, or if you taxi is not spotlessly clean, you run the risk of a penalty. Or he too, can wink at you.

And also if the lawful people does not get to you, your may have an opportunity with the lawless kind. Johor Bahru does not has an excellent criminal activity price.

Human elements apart, there are yet more bothersome issues which includes in the problem.

The Proton Saga you are driving rarely looks like an excellent office, particularly when you look across the causeway and also Cab driver in Singapore are driving 2000cc Hyundai Sonatas, Skodas and even Toyota Camry. You obtain a dreadful leg cramp from the clutch and also backache from the poor suspension. The home windows are not tinted and also your best arm is similar to that of a trailer chauffeur.

Things worsen at night. Other than the highways, the streets are not well lit and also you really strain to differentiate a traveler from a Pontianak.

Once in One Decade, MPJB or the taxi singapore to johor bahru City Council takes on a big project. For instance, the new Johor Bahru CIQ tosses the whole Jalan Wong Ah Fook into disarray. You are puzzled, scared and defenseless. For a couple of days, you wonder around without any travelers visible. The only comfort? You are not the just one affected.