The History and Future of Window Cleaning From a Window Cleaner’s Perspective

For as long as glass has actually been utilized in window systems it has actually been essential to clean it. The initial modern development in Water Fed Window Cleaning was the squeegee. The very first squeegee was utilized by angler, it was a wooden bladed tool called a squilgee utilized to clean fish digestive tracts etc off their boat decks. This was most likely the inspiration for the very first home window cleaners blade called the Chicago squeegee.


The Chicago squeegee was used in the early 1900s by cleaning specialists. It was a large tool with 12 screws which all called for helping to loosen to change both pink blades. In the U.S.A, an Italian immigrant by the name of Ettore Steccone patented the modern-day squeegee in 1936. At first he needed to give these away to offer the idea. Individuals promptly realised this device was superior to the Chicago squeegee as well as the Ettore company was born. Ettore are still taken into consideration the leading producer of home window cleaning tools today with an annual turnover of numerous bucks.

Up up until the very early 1990s window cleansers were still utilizing the squeegee as their preferred selection, until the arrival of pure water fed pole cleansing systems. These systems use deionised, detoxified water fed through long posts which clean and also rinse the dust away, drying naturally to leave no touches, smears or areas. The poles are normally made from glass fibre or carbon fiber, which could reach elevations of 70 ft permitting drivers to tidy tall buildings from the safety and security of the ground. These systems are not just much safer they also keep the windows cleaner for longer and also are currently thought about the premium choice for various applications within the sector. The majority of industrial cleaning business prefer to utilize this system particularly because the introduction of tighter health and safety legislations controling ladders.

Some companies are presently creating robotic window cleaning systems yet today these are not extensive and also I assume it will certainly be time up until we see these typically made use of within the sector. Self cleansing glass has actually been established by Pilkington as well as other glass suppliers. A thin layer of titanium oxide is put on the surface of the glass which has a photocatalytic response with the sunlight UV rays causing the break down of dust. This reaction additionally makes the glass hydrophilic, which implies rain does not create water beads on the glass, it creates a drape effect instead assisting to get rid of the broken down dirt particles more effectively. This modern technology absolutely guarantees the windows stay a lot cleaner however it is no substitute for a proper window cleaning service which will certainly leave the glass crystal clear and also gleaming.

My company, Premier Cleansing Home window Cleaners have customers who have self cleaning glass as well as they inform me they would certainly not lack a home window cleaning service. Home window structures as well as sills will always have to be cleaned, despite just how reliable self cleaning glass becomes in the future.

Whatever future modern technology holds, something is specific, home windows will always need cleansing and also just as it has actually evolved over the last 100 years, so it will remain to do so. That knows, in HALF A CENTURY time, our grandchildren might simply reach see robotic window cleansers in action.

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